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Standard refresher MHFA

Extend your Mental Health First Aid Accreditation by a further three years by undertaking this Mental Health First Aid Australia approved refresher course, delivered by selectability Training.


Total: 4-hour course (delivered over two, two hour sessions)



Course Frequency

Scheduled throughout the year. Enquire at training@selectability.com.au

Course Fees

$125 per person

Who should take this course?

The aim of a Refresher Course is to update and build upon skills learned in the initial 12- hour Standard mental health first aid course. The courses contain new films and additional materials.

The Refresher Courses were released in early 2018. Anyone who has completed a 12 or 14-hour MHFA course in the last 3 years is eligible to attend. Please note: your accreditation will only be extended if you have previously undertaken a MHFA course on or after July 1. 2015, not before that date. Participants have from 6 months before their accreditation expiry to 3 months after to complete a Refresher Course 

If you have completed more than one MHFA course and proceeded to complete accreditation for each of these (e.g., Standard MHFA and Youth MHFA), you will have a separate accreditation for each course. Therefore, you will need to complete a Refresher Course for each of these. Each accreditation will have a separate expiry date, which will correspond to when you need to complete the Refresher Course.